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tales of science fiction and fantasy


Upside Down #1

black & white comic book art

28 pages


When Alex Parker and his mentor, both world-famous rock climbers, are hired for a routine escort job, they stumble upon a secret that threatens to pitch a traumatized world into even greater turmoil.

Written by: Filip Vukcevic

Art by: Michael Byers

Price: $3 CAD

(For posterity you can see our Kickstarter campaign)

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Radventures #4

7 prose short stories + black & white and colour art

44 pages


An ominous hedge maze that conjures long lost memories, newlyweds vexed by a botched spell, a hapless test subject trapped in a deadly military experiment, and more...

Stories by: Filip Vukcevic

Art by: Igor Nunes, Jordan Kroeger, Carlos Angeli,

Seo Kanori, Rob Toal, Alexis Vivallo, Isaac Noe Perez

Price: $3 CAD


Radventures #3

3 comic book stories, black & white (8 pages each)

32 pages


A mutant ape and teenage girl cross a perilous Canadian wasteland, an ancient mirror makes wishes come true, with a catch, and a techno-future where dreams live in the minds of slaves.

Stories by: Filip Vukcevic

Art by: Vlad Legostaev, Michael Byers, Artyom Doomov

Price: $3 CAD


Radventures #2

13 prose short stories + black & white and colour art

28 pages


An outlaw brings justice to a future city where breathing clean air is a priveledge, a rose farmer tells the story of an invisible monster in a war-torn landscape, a geometric shape becomes an obsession, and more...

Stories by: Filip Vukcevic

Art by: Bartol Rendulic, Vladimir Buchyk, Alex Pushkarev, Callen Desmond, Nakarin Sukontakorn, Alexis Vivallo,

Marius Janusonis, Jake Bullock, Vitor Rafiie,

Alex Thomas, David Szilagyi, Long Junhong, Kait Kybar

Price: $3 CAD


Radventures #1

12 prose short stories + colour art

1 comic book story, black & white (5 pages)

36 pages


In which rad adventures begin.

Stories by: Filip Vukcevic

Art by: Ian Sinclair

Price: $1 CAD

What is Radventures?

These collections consist of comic book and prose short stories with accompanying art by artists from all over the world. Issues 1, 2, and 4 are prose fiction with one image per story, while Issue 3 is full comic book art.

How is payment handled?

Each Buy Now button takes you to a Google Forms page where we use an app called Payable Forms to process payments via Paypal. Through the Paypal interface you can pay via credit card or your Paypal account, should you have one.

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